Action Plan

The plan is divided into three sessions- Shoot, Spring and Bud.


Location: Inside tribal settlement, Pulpally, Wayanad, Kerala

During this 2-DAY introductory program our aim is to attract and invite people to the ‘Spring’ session. Our team members who know the colony beforehand will help informing the colony members in advance of our arrival.

  • On the day one, the team members along with the personality of the day (a person from scheduled caste with a success story out of his/her education) reach the common ground which they use for religious rituals.
  • Before the talk, pamphlets describing the different aspects of being educated, will be distributed.
  • Then there will be 3 talks two from the group members and one from the personality of the day.
  • Between the talks few of the team members will be engaged to meet children and counsel them as well fill the questionnaires.
  • On the day two the procedures will be repeated with a change in the personality of the day as well there will be a skit by the team members.
  • Stress of this session will be on the incentives they would get if they attend the spring session.


Location: Devi Vilasam Vocational Higher Secondary School, Veliyambam , Pulpally

This 3 day program is the prime day of this educational outreach. The sessions will be for two age group: for 7th to 10th class children (forenoon) and 11th ,12th class students (afternoon).Before the sessions the students will be asked to fill a questionnaire which will used for analyzing their backgrounds later. The spring sessions are divided into:


This session is aimed at creating awareness on education on a need basis. This would include narrating real life situation where they could have been exploited but with knowledge they are saved. Similarly, there will be talks by prominent historians about the uniqueness of their culture (There are no history textbooks mentioning the tribal past).Classes by social activists and other eminent personalities on their rights and reservation s they could claim, from agricultural scientists on how it would help to know various agricultural practices all these will add richness to these days. The discussion groups and games would ensure the fun part of this camp.


These sessions are not common for both groups.

  • Forenoon session (for 7th to 10th class)

The stress of this session will be on the advantages of studying 11th and 12th classes, where there is the maximum dropout rate. Since we look to hinge on the employment opportunities also we guide them about the different PSC, Bank exams, vocational courses like electrician, mechanic they will be eligible after 10th class.

  • Afternoon session(for 11th and 12th class)

Though the basic line of this session will also be the continual of education, the focus will be on professional and entrepreneurial course opportunities. Classes will be led by a career counselor.

For professional courses guidance will be provided on government funded coaching centers, the scholarships and the reservation seats they could get into through entrance exams.

In the entrepreneur lines they would encouraged with infinite possibilities of eco-tourism (which is booming out of kuruva-island, one of the most sought tourist point in Kerala) like starting a crafts shop, indigenous food points etc.

Light will be shed on relevance of other educational opportunities of pursuing basic science and arts course in well renowned institutes in country like St. Stephen’s ,DU etc.


Location: The tribal settlement, Pulpally,Wayanad,Kerala

This is a one day program which is to measure the impact of the spring session. Bud session is the fruit of the project. This will be executed in two steps:

1.Meeting the child

This would include moving through different huts of the children meeting their family personally, discussing about their social economic problems, the penetration of governmental policies and aids .Thus gauge the obstacle towards the child’s educational development

2.Meeting the official.

After we met the families a detailed report will be made with findings and suggestions. This will be presented before the District Collector, Rural development officer or District education officer of Wayanad. This would not only make us accountable but would pave base for a future venture.


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