SPROUTS at Wayanad (SPAWN)

The tribal in Wayanad, the so-called backward district of Kerala lying idly in her misty mountain covers, always have stories to tell. Not about the virtuous past they had from Paleolithic age but about being reviled by the invasions of Veddas, Cotiotes, British and later by the Travancore peasants .The blood stained struggles to get land from mafias in Muthanga1, throbs of the foetus from an exploited in Thirunalli2, and what more, the discriminations that they face in their everyday life in the fields and classrooms weaves the threads and knots of their tales which they might not want to add to their folklores.

The quality of education in the district is very poor and placed among the least in the country, and hence the district has been brought under a special scheme of District Primary Education Programme funded by World Bank.  The education of the tribal is still a big problem. In spite of a lot of efforts, they have not yet been brought to the main stream. Many are admitted to schools, but they do not remain.

Pitching up on these grave issues we like to introduce our project starting in 2011- Spawn (Sprouts at Wayanad)

The nature of this work is educational development .Precisely to attract and to connect the tribal teens (13-18 age groups) in Pulpally, Wayanad , Kerala ,India towards the knowledge pool that could help them to find wider employment opportunities. It’s been taken into keen consideration that this won’t adultery the unique culture they uphold.


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